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App Development

HVAC app for luxury apartment in London, UK

Development of an app for Android and iOS devices for the tenants of luxury apartments in London, UK.

App Development Service

DALI Lighting Control

Gateway between DALI lighting and the building management system

At a Canadian university campus building, our partner used our DALION-4 DALI Gateway to control DALI lamps from their BACnet system with wall switches, sensors, floor plans and more.

DALI BACnet Gateway

DALI Lighting Control

DALI lighting control with wall switches and sensors in Toronto, Canada

Our partner use our DALION-4 to monitor and control DALI lights from their BACnet building management software.

Lighting Control

App Development

App for wall mount touch panel

Development of an app to control the heating and the cooling of houses in Australia.

App Development Service

DALI Lighting Control

DALI to BACnet gateway at government building in Canada

Our partner used the DALION-4 gateway to control the DALI lights from a BACnet building management system.

DALI BACnet Gateway


BACnet DALI Lighting Controller

Ease the integration of DALI lighting with your building systems.

Explore how to control your lights

HMI5-TP7 BACnet Touch Panel


BACnet Touch Panel

Touch screen panel with a fully customizable user interface to visualize and control building systems.

Explore how to create user interface