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Lighting Controller

Room Light Control

The DALION can be used to automatically perform DALI room control with occupancy, daylight harvesting, demand response, and more.


The gateway functionality allows bidirectional communication between DALI (Digital Addressable Lightning Interface) networks and BACnet systems. It integrates many functionalities to ease the installation of DALI lighting on the BACnet network.


Any programming language capable of sending HTTP GET requests can interact with DALI lamps through the DALION API.


Four DALI Channels

The DALION-4 model is equipped with four independent DALI channels. The DALION gateway can control up to 256 DALI devices. This is 64 devices with 16 groups and 16 scenes per channel.

Room Light Control

It allows to automatically adjust the light intensity depending on external inputs such as occupancy, presence and light sensors. Incorporates functionality such as daylight harvesting, occupancy, unoccupied warning, override timeout and demand response.

BACnet support

The Ethernet interface is used to communicate with the BACnet/IP protocol. DALI channels, groups, lamps and scenes are accessible through BACnet standard objects such as; Analog Value, Analog Output, Analog Input.

DALI-2 Support

Can integrate up to 32 DALI-2 input devices (control devices) per DALI channel. Light sensors, occupancy sensors and buttons can be configured via the web interface and made accessible to BACnet.


The scheduler allows to controls the lights intensity at specific times.

Web Interface

A responsive web interface allows configuration and commissioning. The user interface is accessible on several electronic devices such as computers, iPhone, Android and tablets. Therefore, no special software is required.

Integrated Ethernet switch

It incorporates a two-port Ethernet switch, allowing multiple DALION gateways to be daisy-chained.

Colour control

Support for DALI Type 8 (DT8) drivers with all four colour types: xy-coordinate, colour temperature Tc, primary N, or RGBWAF.


Many counters are available to help with the diagnostic of network problems for the DALI, BACnet and Ethernet interfaces.

Web Interface

The web user interface adapts to all screen sizes. It allows modifying system settings as well as performing the DALI devices commissioning.


Adjustment of the light from warm white to daylight thanks to the compatibility with DALI Type 8 (DT8) drivers.


Adjusting RGB and other lights. Create scenes and recall colour settings.

Input Devices

Support for the integration of DALI-2 sensors and buttons.


One or multiple occupancy sensors allows the lighting systems to reduce or completely turn off the lighting of a room in response to its occupancy state.

Daylight Harvesting

Automatically adjust the light intensity depending on the daylight.

Demand Response

The demand response allows to limit the level of light of the room.


The scheduler allows to control the light intensity at specific times.

Wall switch integration

Wall switch provides manual control.

Sensor Integration

Sensors provide occupancy, presence and light detection.


Groups of light can be created and modified programmatically without physical intervention on the wiring.


Light intensity and colour scenes can be created and modified.

Manual Override Timeout

When the Occupied Mode is in Unoccupied mode, it is possible for a button to temporarily override the level of light of the room. When a command that directly affect the light level of an output of the room, a timer is started. When the timer is elapsed, the room returns to Unoccupied.


The daylight harvesting systems use daylight to compensate for the artificial electric lighting needed to properly illuminate a room. Daylight harvesting strategies help reduce energy consumption. This is accomplished by using lighting control systems which are capable of dimming or turning off electric lighting in response to the changing availability of daylight.

Usage 🙔

It represents the accumulated energy consumption in watt-hours for the DALI lamps.
The values are the result of a calculation based on the configured nominal power.

light bulb leafs

Built-In Networks


Each DALI channel can control up to 64 DALI devices with 16 groups and 16 scenes.

Can integrate up to 32 input devices (control devices) per DALI channel.

DALI commissioning and configuration via web interface.

Support for IEC 62386 DALI devices;
• Fluorescent lamps – 201 (device type 0)
• Self-contained emergency lighting – 202 (device type 1)
• D.C. voltage – 206 (device type 5)
• LED modules – 207 (device type 6)
• Switching function – 208 (device type 7)
• Colour control – 209 (device type 8)
• Input devices – Push buttons – 301
• Input devices – Occupancy sensor – 303
• Input devices – Light sensor – 304.

Integrated DALI packet analyzer.


Uses the BACnet/IP protocol.

Allows controlling DALI ballasts and drivers individually, by group or by channel.

Uses Analog Input objects for the feedback of lamps, groups and channels.

Uses Analog Output objects for the control of lamps, groups and channels.

Uses Multi-State Output objects to recall, store and erase DALI scenes.

Supports BACnet COV (Change of Value) services.

Many counters are available to help with the diagnostic of network problems.

Web Interface

All the configuration can be performed through the Web Interface.

DALI devices commissioning and testing.

Network configuration.


The bus wiring must be connected in a star topology, a linear topology, or a mixture of the two. Wiring must not be carried out in a ring structure. The two wires that serve as the bus must be located in the same cable or cable conduit. In the cable or cable conduit, the two wires must be side by side to avoid unintentional coupling to other signals.



Direct replacement for the panels Cooper Fifth Light System Gen 1 – LCP and LMS. It can integrate the FDW series of DALI buttons and the FLT-MTS series of DALI multi-sensors from Cooper Lighting / Fifth Light.


Model DALION-4
Power supply 24VAC/DC, 50/60Hz
Dimension 157 x 86 x 59 mm, 6.181″ x 3.386″ x 2.323″ (L x W x H)
Fixation DIN rail
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
DALI channels 4
DALI power supply An external power supply is required
Ethernet interface 2, RJ45 port, 100BASE-T, BACnet/IP, HTTP
Firmware Upgradable firmware

Ordering information

Model Number Model Description
DALION-4 BACnet/IP – DALI, DALION controller with 4 DALI channels

Datasheet The Datasheet document.
User Manual (web) The User Manual.
User Manual (pdf) The User Manual.
BACnet PICS The BACnet PICS document.
DALION Tool Software The DALION Tool software installer.
DALION Firmware The DALION firmware.
DALION Firmware Changelog The DALION firmware changelog.
Declaration of Conformity The EU Declaration of Conformity (DoC).
API Python Scripts API Python Scripts Samples.



  • DALI-ON-4-BACNET-DALI-20200227t


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