BACnet DALI Lighting Controller

The DALI-ON controller allows bidirectional communication between DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) and BACnet systems. It integrates many functionalities to ease the installation of the DALI lighting control system on BACnet networks.

Four DALI Channels

The DALI-ON gateway is equipped with four independent DALI channels. DALI-ON can control up to 64 devices with 16 groups and 16 scenes per channel.

BACnet support

The Ethernet interface is used to communicate with the BACnet/IP protocol. DALI channels, groups, lamps and scenes are accessible through BACnet standard objects such as; Analog Value, Analog Output, Analog Input.

Web Interface

A responsive web interface allows configuration and commissioning. The user interface is accessible on several electronic devices such as computers, iPhone, Android and tablets. Therefore, no special software is required.

Integrated Ethernet switch

It incorporates a two-port Ethernet switch, allowing multiple DALI-ON to be daisy-chained.


Many counters are available to help with the diagnostic of network problems for the DALI, BACnet and Ethernet interfaces.

Compact Design & DIN rail

Compact design with DIN rail mount.

Built-In Networks


Each DALI channel can control up to 64 DALI devices with 16 groups and 16 scenes.

DALI commissioning and configuration via web interface.

DALI version 1.

Support for IEC 62386 DALI devices;
Fluorescent lamps – 201 (device type 0)
D.C. voltage – 206 (device type 5)
LED modules – 207 (device type 6)
Switching function – 208 (device type 7).

Integrated DALI packet analyzer.


Uses the BACnet/IP protocol.

Allows controlling DALI ballasts and drivers individually, by group or by channel.

Uses Analog Input objects for the feedback of lamps, groups and channels.

Uses Analog Output objects for the control of lamps, groups and channels.

Uses Multi-State Output objects to recall, store and erase DALI scenes.

Supports BACnet COV (Change of Value) services.

Many counters are available to help with the diagnostic of network problems.

Web Interface

All the configuration can be performed through the Web Interface.

DALI devices commissioning and testing.

Network Configuration.

Model DALI-ON-4
Power supply 24VAC, 50/60Hz
Dimension 157 x 86 x 59 mm, 6.181″ x 3.386″ x 2.323″ (L x W x H)
Fixation DIN rail
Operating temperature 0 °C to 40 °C
DALI channels 4
DALI power supply An external power supply is required
Ethernet interface 2, RJ45 port, 100BASE-T, BACnet/IP, HTTP
Firmware Upgradable firmware

Ordering information

Model Number Model Description
DALI-ON-4 BACnet/IP – DALI, DALI-ON controller with 4 DALI channels


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