BACnet HMI HMI5 on iPhone – Demonstration Pages

Native BACnet HTML5 interface on iPhone, iPad, iOS and Android.

Create multi-platform iOS and Android BACnet applications using web technologies: HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

HMI5 allows you to create mobile applications with native BACnet access using standardized web APIs on the iOS and Android platforms.

Transform iOS and Android devices into a BACnet HMI (Human-machine interface).

✔ Access BACnet devices on the local network (Wi-Fi) or Register as a Foreign Device to a remote network through the cellular network or Wi-Fi.

✔ Allows to perform read and write operations on the property Present_Value for objects of the following type:

Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Multi-state Input, Multi-state Output and Multi-state Value.

✔ Allows reading most available properties of the BACnet objects.

✔ Support for write command Priority (selectable priority and NULL value / Relinquish Default).

✔ Create a dynamic user interface for tablets, phones and other devices.

* Documentation:

BACnet HMI App: Use HMI5 app to visualize and control