BACMOVE Explorer for BACnet network on Android devices is the best way to browse BACnet networks with your Android phone or tablet. The application can browse BACnet devices on the network, read and write their properties and create lists of objects for quick and easy access.
Moreover, BACnet Explorer connects directly to the BACnet/IP network from the Wi-Fi or Ethernet interface of the Android device.
It can also register as a BACnet foreign device through the cellular network of your phone. BACnet MS/TP networks can be made accessible via a BACnet router.

bacnet explorer bacmove

Network Discovery

The BACnet browser automatically discovers devices and their associated objects on the network.

Read / Write Present_Value

Perform read and write operations on the property Present_Value for objects of the following type: Binary Input, Binary Output, Binary Value, Analog Input, Analog Output, Analog Value, Multi-state Input, Multi-state Output and Multi-state Value.

Download BACnet object file to the SD Card of your Android device.

Dynamic User Interface

Dynamic user interface with multi-pane on devices with large screen (e.g. tablets).


Several network configurations can be created and saved.

Objects Search

Objects can be found with their names.


All objects of the selected device are listed.

Objects Select

Select an object to perform an action on it.

Objects Properties

Most of its properties and values can be displayed.

Objects List

Lists of objects can be created.

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