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BACnet Touch Panel

Wall mount BACnet touch panel display

The HMI5 wall mount BACnet touch solution allows to use the most advanced touch displays as a native BACnet/IP user interface. HMI5 wall mount allows to fix on walls and other surfaces Apple iPad or iPod Touch.

The iPod Touch option is a relatively low cost solution to have a wall mounted BACnet/IP touch display.

With our BACnet HMI5 application this provides native BACnet/IP access via the Wi-Fi network of the iPad or iPod Touch.

A POE (Power Over Ethernet) adapter is available to provide power to the iPad or iPod Touch.

BACnet Wall mount panel display touch

HMI5 wall mount can be installed in portrait or landscape.

Low profile design: the enclosure with low profile measures about 13mm (1/2").

Gang Box Mounting

The HMI5 wall mount can easily be mounted on standard US/North America and European Gang Box.

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