BACnet Touch Panel

The HMI5-TP7 is a 7-inch capacitive BACnet touch screen panel. With its customizable user-interface, it helps you visualize and control many buildings systems. Thanks to its in-wall flush mount design it integrates into conference rooms, reception areas, corridors, and apartments.

Capacitive touchscreen

The HMI5-TP7 is equipped with a capacitive touch screen.

Fast multi-core processor

8-Core ARM Cortex CPU.

In-wall flush mount

Wall mountable design with brackets.

POE (Power Over Ethernet)

Available as an option, the power supply can be via POE in accordance with the IEEE802.3af specification or in standard with a 9VDC-36VDC power supply.


Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n.


The operating system is Android 6.0.

Case Study

Control of HVAC and lighting of apartments in London, UK.

HVAC control of apartments in Australia.

BACnet Support



Without the need for additional hardware, this touch panel is able to natively access the BACnet/IP network to discover BACnet devices and their objects. It can also read and write BACnet objects properties.


Uses the BACnet/IP protocol.

Access BACnet devices on the local network (Wi-Fi, Ethernet) or Register as a Foreign Device to a remote network.

Allows reading and writing of most available properties of the BACnet objects.

Possibility to create reusable dynamic user interface for tablets, phones and other devices.

Web Interface

With the HMI5 app, any web developer can create within a few minutes an interface to visualize and control buildings system. HMI5 presents a simple JavaScript interface to access the BACnet network.

Model HMI5-TP7
Power supply 9VDC-36VDC, Optional POE IEEE802.3af
Dimension 182 x 121 x 25 mm (L x W x H)
Fixation In-wall mount
CPU 8-Core ARM Cortex CPU
Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n
Ethernet interface 1, RJ45 port
Operating System Android 6.0

Ordering information

Model Number Model Description
HMI5-TP7 7-inch BACnet Touch Screen Panel, with a capacitive screen.
HMI5-TP7-POE POE adapter for the HMI5-TP7 touch panel.
HMI5-TP7 BACnet Touch Panel
$370.00 Lire la suite


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